Education and Childhood


As a socially responsible company, our work undertaken in the marketplace is aligned with the values that guide our corporate behavior. Throughout the years, Bladex has focused its efforts on programs aimed at promoting education and supporting children, as key factors for achieving the development of Latin American countries.  Consistent with this premise, both in Panama as well as in Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru, the Bank has supported education-oriented projects, mainly in sectors at greater social risk.

Institutions and Projects We Support

Bladex is aware that, beyond its economic role, it also plays a significant role as a development agent in the communities where we are privileged to do business and therefore decided in 2013 to establish a foundation called Fundación Crece Latinoamérica.   Since 2014, the foundation has been carrying out the Bank's social work both in Panama as well as the rest of the Region, working in partnership with several NGOs and government institutions.



Project Country
Sabia II School Elementary School Reading Program Brazil
Foundation Brascri Education Strengthening Program Brazil
Delivery of canes and Braille equipment to visually impared students in Laramara Brazil
Enlargement of the Marie Poussepin (CEMP) facilities Panama
Joint School for Parents program with the Sociedad de Esposas de Banqueros ("Bankers Wives Association") Panama
Renovation of the "Casa Esperanza" computer room Panama
Panama Banking Association (ABP) Finantial Education Program for schools Panama
Teaching workshops at the Inter-Oceanic Canal Museum for school students in the interior of the country Panama
Physical structure improvements at Hogar Divina Gracia Panama
Sustainable development project for the "El Bale" community center Panama
Fundación Crea+ creativity stimulation and education program Perú



Bladex is aware of its environmental commitment and we therefore direct our efforts to the efficient use of resources and environmental protection.

In 2013, Bladex’s Headquarters offices received LEED GOLD certification for its corporate offices, making it the first LEED GOLD certification for Commercial Interiors in the country.

LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environment Design) certification is granted by the Green Building Certification Institute to buildings that have been designed and built to comply with the standards set for high performance, energy efficiency and environmental quality of interiors, among other things.

Paperless and Energy Saving

Bladex has a policy in place for reducing overall paper and supplies consumption.  Among the actions contributing to this achievement, the following are the most noteworthy:

  • Cloud-based access to documents from anywhere in the Bank.
  • Availability of projectors in all rooms to prevent the unnecessary use of paper.
  • Photocopier configuration set for single color, two-sided copies.

The Bank has a low consumption electrical system, combining elements such as a daylight lighting system (Lutron) and Energy Star rated electronic equipment.


The Bank uses paper shredders and the shredded material is regularly removed by a provider for recycling.  IT equipment is also recycled with a company certified to ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Standard under the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Education and Childhood

Our work as a socially responsible company is in line with the values that govern our corporate behavior. Our efforts are focused on programs aimed at fostering education and supporting children as key factors in achieving the development of our Latin American countries. We are aware that our institution plays an important role, beyond its economic function, as an agent for development in the communities where we are privileged to work.

  • Hogar Divina Gracia, Panama
  • Bladex's CEO and members of Casa Esperanza, Panama
  • Parent´s School Program Graduation

Volunteerism in Action

The work carried out by the foundation "Fundación Crece Latinoamérica" is strengthened by the volunteer work of Bladex employees, who provide their time, resources, creativity, and efforts for the benefit of the programs and projects led by the foundation.

The Volunteer Committee at our Headquarters in Panama carries out a variety of fundraisingactivities throughout the year aimed at supporting the Bank's social management work through the foundation, as well as contributing with projects led by groups of volunteers from our overseas offices.

The scholarship program, financial education talks and speech and language programs for the students of the Marie Poussepin Educational Center, are part of the multiple activities carried out by the Volunteer Committee in Panama for the benefit of this and other non-profit organizations in the country.  The corps of volunteers from our office in Brazil focuses mainly on implementing activities and projects for the children of the Brascri and Laramara foundations and the Sabiá II School.  The volunteers of the office in Peru work closely with Fundación Crea+, and is currently in the process of activating volunteerism among the employees of the other Bladex representative offices.

  • Scholarships Program Centro Educativo Marie Poussepin, Panama
  • Financial Literacy Workshop, Panama
  • Centro Educativo Marie Poussepin Christmas Party, Panama
  • Brascri Christmas Party, Brazil
  • Sabiá II Preschool Reading room, Brazil
  • Volunteers Committee