Proyectos que Apoyamos

Projects we support


Reading program for students from Sabiá II and Otoniel Assis de Holanda schools in Sao Paulo. The program seeks to strengthen the academic performance and comprehensive reading of over 2,000 students enrolled at both educational centers. This program is being implemented in partnership with Fundación Brascri, which we also support with training for children with hearing impairments.


Delivery of canes and Braille equipment to schools for visually impaired students. This project is jointly conducted with Fundación Laramara and Fundación Crece Latinoamérica, aimed at providing more Braille machines mainly to schools in the North of Brazil, thereby improving the productivity of students attending different public schools.


Sponsorship of the Palabrario y Numerario (reading, writing and math skills) program implemented at the Liceo Mayor de Soacha “Bienestar para Todos” School, in alliance with the Fundación Génesis. This program provides improvements in academic skills in the areas of literacy and mathematical logical thinking, benefiting more than 1,500 students, from pre-school to high school, also providing special training to teachers of the school.


Support for the “Sembrando Tecnología” (Sowing Technology) program in partnership with the Fundación Wong. The program served to optimize the computer rooms at the Dr. Segundo Wong Mayorga Basic School, as well as the Cristóbal Colón and Rafael Wong Naranjo schools, benefiting an average of 300 students in isolated regions of the country.


With the aim of significantly improving the knowledge and skills required by pre-school children, Fundación Crece Latinoamérica, in partnership with Fundación Ficohsa, helped optimize the infrastructure and services provided by the Manitos de Ángel pre-school centers, built by Bladex in 2006, as well as the Federico Froebel pre-school. Both centers are located in areas at social risk outside the city of San Pedro Sula, and focus on preparing children with the skills they will need to begin their formal education.


One Laptop per Child program in partnership with Fundación Zamora Terán, providing the students at the Miguel Larreynaga Primary School located on the outskirts of Managua with the opportunity to access technology as a study tool. This second delivery of laptops to the school has also served as a working tool for teachers to improve the teaching-learning process.


Enlargement of the Marie Poussepin Educational Center (CEMP) facilities, which is the largest social project led in Panama by Fundación Crece Latinoamérica, began in 2003 through a partnership between Bladex, the Ministry of Education and the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation. The school is now equipped with six two-story buildings and is attended by over 600 students from pre-school through 12th grade, receiving a bilingual, quality and values education.


The Foundation also sponsors an intensive English program for graduating high school students majoring in Tourism, as well as psychological services at primary level, and supports the pre-school speech-language program.

The Hogar Divina Gracia provides shelter for at-risk teenagers living there temporarily or permanently. To ensure these young people are provided with the best environment and conditions to benefit from academic and personal development programs, the Fundación Crece Latinoamérica has invested in significant improvements to the shelter’s infrastructure, new equipment for the computer room, and refurbishing of furniture in different sections of the youth shelter. The Foundation has also helped to equip a silk screen printing workshop as a self-management project.

Well aware that student success depends to a great extent on the support received at home, Fundación Crece Latinoamérica sponsors the Parent Education Program organized by the Association of Bankers’ Wives, held at the Marie Poussepin Educational Center (CEMP). An average of 300 parents attend an eight month training every year, acquiring the necessary skill sets to positively impact the education of their children and enhance communication throughout the different developmental stages.

Providing support and following-up improvements to the computer rooms of the three Casa Esperanza study centers, located in Panama City, Aguadulce in Cocle, and Boquete in Chiriquí. For the students attending these centers daily, the optimization of these rooms and support with training material open up their possibilities of improving their academic performance.

Contributions to sustainable development projects and improvements to boarding school students of the Centro Comunitario Virgen de Guadalupe, benefiting more than 100 families of natives and rural sectors living in El Bale, Veraguas.

The Fundación Crece Latinoamérica is committed to actively supporting the financial literacy program led by the Panama Banking Association. The program aims to provide students and teaching staff in different high schools in Panama City with updated information and useful tools to effectively manage their personal finances.


Implementation of the academic strengthening and recreational skills program in partnership with Fundación Crea +.  The program is carried out at the Héroes del Cenepa School, where Fundación Crece Latinoamérica also supports the upgrading of the school’s computer lab.