At Bladex we consider that Human Capital is the main backbone for all business activities. Year after year the behavior of our employees reflects our values: Commitment, Humility, Excellence, Respect and Integrity. This is the result of a robust management of talent that begins in the recruitment and selection process and is kept up through a comprehensive training model and benefit programs for our employees. The wellbeing of people is the basis for meeting the company’s objectives.

The presence of different nationalities and cultures among our employees enhances Bladex brand. Precisely the fact of having a multicultural work environment has become one of our main strengths, and it facilitates business management across the region.


Nationalities at Bladex
October 2020


Percentage of employees by gender in Bladex
October 2020


Human Development Management

Our purpose in Human Development is to improve our employee experience daily, for which we organize various activities, integrating the professional growth and well-being of our collaborators.

We focused on fostering innovative initiatives to accompany and bring employees and their families closer, such as coffee talks with friends, storytelling for employees' children, Sabores de América (space where employees share recipes from their countries of origin), mindfulness, active breaks and celebrations, among other activities.

Additionally, in 2020 Bladex participated in two climate pulse surveys, obtaining the following results:


Survey by Great Place to Work:

of Bladex employees choose the Bank as an excellent place to work.

Survey by Mercer:

 of Bladex employees have a high level of satisfaction with the Bank´s wellness actions. 

 of Bladex employees are satisfied with the leadership style of their supervisors during the pandemic.   


Compensation and Benefits

At Bladex, we care about maintaining a competitive compensation scheme in order to attract and retain the human talent required to achieve corporate objectives.  For this reason, we periodically participate in recognized salary surveys.

In addition to our corporate insurance, which covers life, health and dental plans for employees and their dependents, we have an extensive network of benefits in all the countries where we are based.

Aware of the importance of the integral well-being of our employees, at Bladex we develop initiatives to promote health, such as: Health Week, vaccination campaigns, safety talks, mindfulness and active breaks.


Recognition Program

In Bladex we value the extraordinary actions of our employees in a visible and frequent way, promoting a culture of constant recognition at all levels of the Organization.  Contributions to the achievement of corporate objectives, as well as the representation and modeling of our organizational values ​​and competencies are the drivers of the Recognition Program.

Additionally, at the end of every year, we reward to the Employees who lives our corporate values: Commitment, Humility, Excellence, Respect and Integrity.

Bladex also appreciates the trajectory, loyalty and commitment, granting recognitions for years of service, with a special mention to those collaborators with the longest service in the Organization. 


Talent Development

Bladex promotes training programs aimed at all functional areas and at all hierarchical levels to consolidate learning and development efforts and strengthen integration and leadership across the Organization. 

The talent development offer is based on three pillars:

  • Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Development and Team Coaching
  • Functional Competencies
  • Regulatory Aspects

These three pillars support our corporate values ​​and objectives, generating a learning and development offer aligned with the needs of the business and operations.

In addition to the above, Human Development coordinates “Know Your Bladex” workshops, where all departments are invited to share their functions and the activities and initiatives they promote in short instances throughout the year. These workshops facilitate continuing education on current Bank issues.