Fundación Crece Latinoamérica and Grupo Unicomer join forces for education

(From left to right): Mario Simán, Chairman and CEO of Grupo Unicomer; Nikolina de Alvarado, Executive Director of the Fundación Crece Latinoamérica and Fernando Pompeu, Vice President Business of Bladex, participated in the opening ceremony of the Corazón de María School’s computer lab


Fundación Crece Latinoamérica, the foundation carrying out Bladex’s social work, carries out an active program designed to promote education and provide children and young people from


vulnerable sectors with the opportunity to access values, quality education.


Towards this goal, Fundación Crece Latinoamérica has joined forces with Grupo Unicomer to provide over 750 students at the Corazón de María School in San Salvador, El Salvador, the possibility of having their own computer lab properly equipped with all the equipment, programs and furnishings needed to empower their academic performance.


Bladex, as well as Grupo Unicomer, are consistently committed to education as the basis for the sustainable development of Latin American countries.