Fundación Crece Latinoamérica supports an education program in Costa Rica

As part of Bladex’s commitment to promoting through Fundación Crece Latinoamérica social programs focused on providing personal growth and educational opportunities to children and young people from the most vulnerable groups of the communities in which we wok, we joined efforts with Fundación Monge to include 130 public high school students in Costa Rica in the “Competencias del Siglo XXI” (21st Century Skills) program.


The program is led by Fundación Monge to improve the students’ employability profile, strengthening their technological, communication, innovation, and critical thinking skills, among others.


The partnership between both institutions also enabled the start­up of the program in Panama, for which the Marie Poussepin Educational Center was selected, and which was built by Bladex in Curundú in Panama City. The program will focus on the school’s undergraduate and graduating Students.