The work carried out by the foundation Fundación Crece Latinoamérica is strengthened by the volunteer work of Bladex employees, who provide their time, resources, creativity, and efforts for the benefit of the programs and projects led by the foundation.

The Volunteer Committee at our Headquarters in Panama carries out a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year aimed at supporting the Bank’s social management work through the foundation, as well as contributing with projects led by groups of volunteers from our overseas offices.

The scholarship program, financial education talks and speech and language programs for the students of the Marie Poussepin Educational Center, are part of the multiple activities carried out by the Volunteer Committee in Panama for the benefit of this and other non-profit organizations in the country. The corps of volunteers from our office in Brazil focuses mainly on implementing activities and projects for the children of the Brascri and Laramara foundations and the Sabiá II School. The volunteers of the office in Peru work closely with Fundación Crea+, and is currently in the process of activating volunteerism among the employees of the other Bladex representative offices.