Mario Covo

Mario Covo, Director of the Board since 1999, is Founding Partner of DanaMar LLC in New York, a financial consulting firm established in 2013, and of Larch Lane Partners, an investment advisory firm established in 2019. He was a Founding Partner of Helios, a Founding Partner of Finaccess International, Inc. and a Founding Partner of Columbus Advisors. Dr. Covo worked at Merrill Lynch, where he was Head of Emerging Markets-Capital Markets. Prior to working for Merrill Lynch, Dr. Covo worked at Bankers Trust Company of New York as Vice President in the Latin American Merchant Banking Group, focusing on corporate finance and debt-for-equity swaps. Prior to that Dr. Covo was an International Economist for Chase Econometrics, focusing primarily on Latin America.

Dr. Covo holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Rice University and a B.A. with honors from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico. Dr. Covo’s extensive background and experience in the financial services industry, and his exposure to the markets in which the Bank operates qualify him to serve on the Board.

Board of Directors: 
Class "E"
Committees of the Board of Directors: 
Finance and Business Committee, Chairman
Risk Policy and Assessment Committee, Member
United States of America